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What is Robotics.Online?

Robotics.Online LLC is an American company whose owner-managed team has set the task of putting together a state-of-the-art investment portfolio with extremely lucrative returns.

Trend-setting and with the most advanced investment methods, we invest in a combination of cryptocurrencies, professional ICOs, promising startups, and also in the field of "Robotics" - our core competence. We are all already in the middle of the age of digitization and process automation. This revolutionary era offers fantastic prospects for us as an investment company, and for you as an investor. It is precisely here that we build and invest in reliable companies in this industry to generate high but steady returns, pushing the world a little faster into the future.

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Getting started with Robotics.Online


Everything starts with your registration at Robotics.Online. The registration is free and takes only a few minutes to complete. After that, you are already an official member, and your account is ready for the first investments. By registering, you accept our TOS and confirm that you are of age and full legal capacity.


Invest & Receive Returns
Please log in first into your Robotics.Online account and then click on "Invest" on the left sidebar, or you can use the "Invest now" button on the "Investment Offer" info page. In both cases, you will now be redirected to the transaction area of the Investment Offer page. Decide on your desired payment method and the amount you are willing to invest and confirm the corresponding amount via "invest." Finished. Your investment now runs for 12 business days - fully automatic. Every 24 hours (on business days), you will see a return, depending on the success of our company. After 12 business days, the plan has expired, and you will receive your profits as well as your principal. Please note that a maximum of 3 - 6 plans can be active at the same time, depending on your internal credit score.


To withdraw your returns from the investment plans and the referral bonus, click on the "Withdraw" button in the dashboard area. Like this, you can transfer your money conveniently. Check your entries and confirm them again at the end. Please note that a payout to external wallets will take between one and a maximum of seventy-two hours, depending on the credit score rating.

Let Your Friends

Tell your friends and acquaintances about your experiences with Robotics.Online. You will receive attractive referral commissions for every active user you recruit. Further information can be found on our "Affiliate Program" page.

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