How to Start


In terms of the deposit, Robotics.Online offers many options.

Basically everything starts with a wallet. As a recommended provider for the beginning is ideal. It is broad-based and brings together a variety of wallets under a single Wallet ID. So this provider is recommended if you do not have your own wallet yet. Of course, you can also use your already available Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin Wallets.

After you have decided on a provider, have created a wallet, and deposited funds on it, click on the tab "Deposit" in your overview. You will now see the Robotics.Online payment ID and a QR code. You can copy this code and specify it as your destination for payment in your wallet. If your provider supports automatic recognition of the address via QR code, you can scan this code and then only have to set the desired amount and confirm the transaction.

Please note that a cryptocurrency payment requires multiple confirmations and will take approximately 1-4 hours to get into your Robotics.Online account.


To invest, you must be logged in. Now click on "Investment" in the overview. Alternatively, you can also use the "Invest Now" button on the offer investment info page.

In both cases, you will now be redirected to the transaction area of ??the investment. Determine the amount you would like to invest and then confirm it. Finished! Your investment now runs for 12 business days - fully automatic.

Every 24 hours after you have invested, earnings from your investment will be automatically calculated and provisionally noted.
After 12 business days, the plan has expired, and you will be credited with all returns, including your original capital.
This means that you have full disposal of all your funds after each term.

Investments made over the weekend are treated as follows:
The amounts invested on Saturday are activated after 48 hours. The first calculation of a return, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
Amounts invested on Sunday are activated after 24 hours. The first calculation of a return, therefore, takes place on Tuesday.
Our company and our servers run on the following time-zone setting: UTC+0


To withdraw your earnings and your referral bonus, simply use the "Withdraw" section. From here you can forward the money to any wallet. Of course, you are also free to reinvest the funds. The payout speed depends on your internal credit score rating and takes between one and seventy-two hours.
You can execute a maximum of 3 withdrawal requests at the same time.

You also can use the option "instant withdrawal" to receive your funds in 30 to 60 minutes. This option is available once every 12 business days after your first investment was made.

Due to the need for manual reviews, all withdrawals that fall on the weekend or are requested by you at the weekend are treated as follows:
Payouts and withdrawal requests on Saturday: Your payout timer is extended by 48 hours.
Payouts and withdrawal requests Sunday: Your payout timer will be extended by 24 hours.

Public holidays are not affected.

Our company and our servers are running at the following time-zone setting: UTC+0

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